Singer Kemi Sera Admits Siring A Baby With Mathias Walukagga (VIDEO)




Hajji  Haruna Mubiru’s ex –lover and singer Kemi Sera has finally admits the rumor of siring a baby with singer  and current mayor of Kyengera Town Council Sir Mathias Walukagga.

Last  year Mathias came out and confirmed that indeed him and Kemi Sera  were dating and they even had  a child together whom he christened Jayden Walukagga, though Kemi went mute about the rumor .

However, over yesterday while appearing for an interview on Spark TV live wire show,she accepted having kid with Walukagga and  revealed that  she had to attend the funeral of Walukagga,s late father because first  Walukagga is friend and fellow musician and another thing Walukagga’s father was grandfather of her son.

“Yes, i had Walukagga’s child”,-Kemi  said.

When she was questioned why she came to perform at Walukagga’s recent concluded concert at Freedom city ,she  said that she come to look for their son’s school fee.

It should be remembered that singer Kemi  Sera was once declared mentally unstable after  breaking up with Haruna Mubiru over accusation of cheating on him.

She is currently staying with fellow musician Serena Bata and is grateful  to God  for rescuing her from the spirit of madness.

Watch interview here:



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