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Singer Kalifah Aganaga Lashes out At Sheilah Gashumba For Dissing Local Content Creators

Singer Mukiibi Sadat, popularly known as Khalifa Aganga has vehemently launched an attack against next media Presenter Sheilah Gashumba for dissing local content creators .

A few days ago, Kayz came out and criticized fellow presenter Sheilah Gashumba’s indecent dress code only to get a hostile response from Sheilah .

In tweet, sheila trolled Kaiyz for growing up watching That’s Life Mwattu and Kigenya Agenya on a black and white tv while she instead watched live performances of Rihanna and Beyoncé and Disney channel.

Sheilah Gashumba, Isaac Kayz Kawalya in a verbal war over her skimpy outfit.Her statements, however, have since left a sour taste in the mouths of several local content consumers and creators including film directors, actors, media personalities, and artistes.

Always seeking attention singer Kalifah Aganaga furiously had no clam for Sheilah Gashumba for demeaning local content

Via his socials he stressed how Sheilah likeshow-off ,yet everything on her is “fake” before asking her to stop undermining Ugandan content creators.

“Dear Sheilah C Gashumba , wepankanyo, ate nga oli kakazi kabi nyo. Fe aba bad character katugambe ko kitaawo alabika akutya, every thing on is fake. Check the buttocks ha ha bulinga obugaati bwebitaano, olinga akasumuluzo ka toy. You can’t disrespect Uganda content creators,” he wrote.

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KY Jamal
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