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Singer Kabako Pens Lovely Birthday Message to wife Jazira


Singer Ssenabulya Yusuf alias Roden Y Kabako’s wife Jazira Namuddu celebrates her birthday today.

Sending out her birthday wishes to Jazira, Kabako penned lovely birthday message message via Facebook.

He noted that he is incomplete without her and that he made best decision to fall in love with her .

“I am so grateful that I was able to find my way to you, and I can love and hold you for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine life without you, and I am happy that I do not need any thing
You have brought meaning to my life and made it worth living. I look forward to coming home to you every day, lying down next to you every single night and waking up next to you every single morning. Happy birthday.

If I ever fail to tell you what you mean to me, it is only because there aren’t any words good enough. Happy birthday.
Your birthday is special to me because it is the anniversary of your birth, and my life would have no meaning without you in it. Happy birthday.

I am deliriously in love with you and always will be. Happy birthday, sweetness.
The trials of life only deepen my love for you. What would I do without you? Happy birthday.
Adam was not complete without Eve, just as I am not complete without you. Happy birthday.

I am truly blessed that you chose me to spend your life with. I love you. Happy birthday.
You are the best decision I could have ever made, and you are everything that is awesome about me. Happy birthday.
Every day with you is special to me, but today, other people also remember how wonderful you are. Still, you are still mine forever. Happy birthday.

You, my darling, are the only person I would want to be deserted on Antarctica with because your love warms me from the inside. Happy birthday.

You are the heartbeat that I would die without, you are the air that I breathe, you are the song on these happy lips of mine, and you are the light in my life that shines bright. Happy birthday to my most precious wife; without your love, I lead an empty life.
Romeo and Juliet have nothing on us. We are still alive, together and head over heels in love. Happy birthday, my dear.

I’m sorry for not knowing how many birthday candles to put on your cake. It seems that I have forgotten how many times you have turned twenty-five. Happy birthday!
My beautiful wife, we have been through a lot together. I do not mind dying for you. Just don’t ask me to prove it. I am just not ready to die as yet. I love you @jaziraddumunassenabulya πŸ’―πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸ’¦πŸ€°πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸ€°πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸ’‹”, he posted.

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Early this year in April the couple legalized their bonking session as Jazira introduced Kabako to her parent.

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