Singer Isaac Rucci Fires A Shot At Spice Diana Over Janzi Awards




Former Limit x gospel group singer Isaac Rucci has fired shots at singer Spice Diana over her Janzi awards comments.

This was after spice Diana trashed Janzi awards for failing to give her any award.

Over yesterday she continued to hit on them claiming that the awards do not have values as they do not come with monetary rewards.

She went ahead to claim that the organizers were paid billions of money to organize the awards but they could not afford to pay artists to perform live.

She explained how her manager was contacted to have her perform on live band but they were offering only Shs.1m which was less for her brand.

Isaac Rucci however feels that the singer is just greedy and selfishness and should not be the one complaining that gained a lot from E- concerts organised by organisers of Janzi awards still.

“Spice Diana Should not be the one complaining,she gained a lot from E- concerts”- Isaac said

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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