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Singer Irene Namubiru Speaks Out on Allegations Of Putting Her Mother in Prison

Veteran Songbird Irene Namubiru has come out and addresses allegations of putting her mother Justine Namawejje in prison.

Through her socials the singer has refuted the allegations that she had put her mother behined bars.

That she has never even filled any case against her in court as she alleges and requested her to stop it.

“And NO! I have not put my MOTHER in Prison SHE IS NOT and HAS NOT BEEN IN PRISON over the last few days , Just like I have never filed any case against her in COURT as she is alarming everybody now. I have not and have never. This has got to Stop!”, she said.

It should be remembered that few years back, Irene was living in fear for her life following a land wrangle dispute between her and her mother.

The dispute between her and her motherstarted when Irene claimed that by the time her grandfather passed on , he had gifted her with one acre of land though it was verbal that even her brother was also given an acre on the same land though Irene’s mother wanted to steal her daughter’s acre of land instead.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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