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Singer Hajji Haruna Mubiru Clears Air About His Death Rumors, Tells the Truth

Renown band music singer, Hajji Haruna Mubiru has come and finally spoken out social media reports that he is dead.He has revealed the truth.

A local YouTuber fews days back purported that the singer had died six days ago.

However , during his recent interview with of local TV channels, Haurna refuted the allegations and warned bloggers who have made it habit to announce people dead while they are still alive just for likes especially celebrities and people in big posts.

Claiming that they don’t known the damages they bring to people’s lives.

He added that yes one day he will die but if he has not yet no one should come and tell his people that he is dead because it will cause unnecessary problems to his family .

“Yes,one day i will die but if has not yet come do not tell my people that am dead ,you will cause unnecessary problems to my family” ,Haruna Mubiru said

Watch video here :

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KY Jamal
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