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Singer Gravity Omutujju Claims He can Defeat Bebe Cool in ‘ Battle of Champions’ Concert

Local rapper Gravity Omutujju has come out saying that can defeat singer Moses SSali when it comes to the ‘ battle of champions ‘ concert.

This made this revelation after he was tasked to list down the names of the artists that he can’t face when it comes to a music battle.

” Enyama” singer stressed that Jose Chameleone ,Bobi Wine ,Radio & Weasel and perhaps David Lutalo have more hit songs than he does and he would never challenge for music battle .

He went on to  say that he gives them much respect for their big contribution they have added to the music industry since they set for into showbiz .

When he was asked if he face Juliana ,he made assured that he can take her down since she has fewer hit songs compared to him .

For the case of Bebe Cool,Gravity said that he also can defeat him hands – down because he has better hit songs than Bebe Cool.

” Juilana has good songs but I have more than her .Having many songs is different from having hit songs.Jusy that you guys underlook and demean artists ” ,he said.

“I can defeat Bebe Cool in the battle of the champions ,depending on the hit songs “,he added.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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