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Singer Grace Khan Speaks Out on Prince Omar Taking Her Baby for a DNA Test



Over Yesterday rumor circulated on social media indicating how Prince Omar was spotted in Hospital carrying Grace Khan’s Baby as it was said to have taken her for a DNA Test.

According to the video making rounds on social media,the overly fatherly omar is seen seated in the Paed Medical centre,a children ‘s hospital along Gayaza Road,waiting room while carrying a baby.

However, Grace Khan trashes the rumors,  she  denies  giving her baby to anybody  to take  her baby for DNA Test.

That they should keep her daughter illona out of cheap populality and she is not for public.

“Mikwano no one has taken my baby for Dna..kindly don’t listen to some people benonyeza byaaabwa me and baby Illona we are home in avery good condition ..ndi wano nyumilwa sanyu lya muzadde ..njagaana..kati abo abawoza nosense wabwe keep illona out of your cheap populality”,she said.

” I have not given my baby to any one please oba ababisala benpnyeza byabwe..kindly save my baby out of your drama omwana wange siwa public”,she added.

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