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Singer Geosteady Thrilled after Being Granted a Free Hijja, Set to Become a Hajj


Singer Geosteady who recently converted to Islam and changed his name from George to Hassan Kigozi is set to travel to mecca for hajj very soon.

On Tuesday this week, Muslims organised a celebrity Iftar where the main guest was Zimbabwean scholar and motivational speaker, Mufti Menk. This is when Geosteady was granted the opportunity to travel to Mecca.

Through his socials on Wednesday, the excited “Energy” singer shared the good news to his fans and followers how Allah blessed him with a pilgrimage to Mecca courtesy of Thurayaa Safaris.

“Allah Blesses me with Umura to Mecca and Madina through thurayaa Safaris. The point is who Jah bless no man curse,” Said Geosteady.

He explained that he looks forward to seeing the Kaaba that he has heard tales about, including aircrafts not being allowed to fly over it. He also wants to step on the holy land.

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