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Singer Eddy Kenzo Laments that some People are After His Life

Singer Ediriisa Musuuza has come out lamenting that some people are after his life that they want to kill him.

Eddy Kenzo recently hosted a successful festival over the weekend. However, before the due date of the festival, some social media users were already sabotaging his festival saying it is only for those that support Gen Muhoozi.

Eddy Kenzo was quick to rubbish the rumors and in press conference he held yesterday at Fairway Hotel as he revealed that those things didn’t just end on social media they followed him physically.

Eddy Kenzo said he is saying these things earlier because he doesn’t know if he will wake up alive tommorow.

“Please pray for me, the things you see online don’t stop there. There are lots of people being paid to k1ll me. Let me say these things when I’m still alive because I’m not sure whether I’ll see tomorrow” Said Kenzo.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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