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Singer Dre Cali Battling A Strange Illness


Latest reports reaching our gossip desk indicating that former Mpaka record singer ,Dre Cali is battling with a strange illness.

Dre Cali illness was revealed by NBS TV presenter, Douglas Lwanga who disclosed that the reason why he fled to exile in Canada because of his serious health condition as he was informed by one of Dre Cali’s friend.

It should be remembered that Dre bitterly parted ways with Ykee Benda’s Mpaka records label and permanently fled to Canada .

Douglas said that Dre ‘s condition is so serious that pus oozing out of his ears .

Dre Cali

Douglas further added that it is the main reason why Dre Cali’s socials are inactive ,he however declined to confirm or deny the reports .

“I was told by a credible source that the reason Dre Cali refused to come back to Uganda is because he has a serious medical condition. This source told me that he had pus coming out of his ears. So when he got an opportunity to go there, he decided not to come back.

That’s why all his social media pages have been dormant for quite long. So what we have been thinking that he’s there chilling and relaxing is wrong. He’s actually battling some sicknesses. I can’t however confirm or refute this,” said Douglas.

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