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Singer Bruno K Moves into Faridah Nakazibwe’s House, Ready to Seal their Love

Freshest news wave hitting Celeb Patrol UG indicates how NTV Presenter Faridah Nakazibwe has enrolled one of her daughters to guitar lessons with Bruno K, something that is raising eyebrows.

The mother of two confessed on her social media handles that she had ignored her daughter’s passion for music. She has however given in and is impressed by how fast she is learning with Bruno K.

“For long, I have brushed off her plea to take her to music school. I watched her enjoy her passion casually at home. She asked for my phone, only to watch child stars on the Internet.”

“A week ago, Kinza started guitar classes and she is already playing songs. Uncle Bruno must be doing a good job.” she wrote.

To many, this development is not simply a guitar thing as it looks on the surface, many believe that Bruno is already playing a father figure to Faridah’s daughters especially after the two are rumoured to be dating.

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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