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Singer Barbaritah Comes Clean on Allegations of Abusing Drugs

Mariltini Entertainment Songstress Barbaritah was rumoured to be abusing drugs this was after she was booed off stage during her set at David Lutalo’s “Kabisi Kandagala” concert a few months back .

When she took to the stage, many expected to get good vibes from her but as she went deep into her performance she appeared a bit tipsy.

Babaritah who seemed teary blamed the instrumentalists saying they did not do her justice during her set.

Many revellers alleged that she must have went on performance while intoxicated.

However ,in her recent interview she has watered down the allegations as she denied using any toxic substances partly, saying that she respect her parents so much.

“I don’t do any drugs meaning I don’t smoke weed or drink alcohol. The fracas at David Lutalo’s concert was a mixup between the live band and those who made the lineup of artists. The live band was told another artist was coming whereas I was the one told to go on stage. And we were told that if the live band doesn’t sync with you, don’t stop but try to pull them along. It’s what I tried to do and besides, I respect my parents so much,” she stressed.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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