Simple Profitable Businesses You Can Start To Make Money at Home

    Poultry Farming

    Do you need some business ideas that requires little or no capital? Here we break down some of the cheapest businesses you can easily start up and make money.

    Below is a List of some of these Businesses:

    1. Write articles online: this requires no capital.

    2. Do a home lesson for kids.

    3. Run a mini day care center for kids where parents pay 500 naira daily or 10k monthly.

    4. Become a make up artist.

    5. Become a mobile hair dresser , you don’t need a shop for this.

    6. Learn how to fix nails for women.

    7. Become a tailor and sew from your room.

    8. Learn graphics design online.

    9. Run a poultry.

    10. Run a plantain plantation.

    11. Start a piggery.

    12. Start a snack farm.

    13. Offer to sell things for people and add your own money.

    14. Sell children clothes.

    15. Offer to wash clothes for people for a fee.

    16. Learn to make party souvenir bags.

    17. Become an interior decorator.

    18. Learn to make throw pillows.

    19. Become a manicurist.

    20. Open a small gift item shop.

    21. Sell recharge cards in bulk.

    22. Start rearing dogs.

    23. Sweep people’s compound for a fee.

    24. Sell things on WhatsApp ( e.g clothes , bags , shoes , Inner wears , hair, swim suit , curtains etc.)

    25. Run a dating service online.

    26. Design blogs for people.

    27. Run several blogs.

    28. Sell Ankara materials

    29. Sell bed sheets , blanket and pillow cases.

    30. Become an Uber driver.

    31. Start a hire purchase.

    32. Start cooking and taking to offices.

    33. Open a small restaurant.

    34. Start a beer business

    35. Open a car wash.

    36. Start a key cutting business.

    37. Start food storage business.

    38. Learn how to bake.

    39. Start a shawarma joint.

    40. Become a caterer.

    41. Sell used computers / laptops.

    42. Become an ajo collector.

    43. Sell eggs in crates.

    44. Start a bakery.

    45. Learn how to repair phones.

    46. Start a phone/ laptop swapping business.

    47. Start a pest control service.

    48. Start your own cab business.

    49. Sell gift bags.

    50. Sell office equipment.

    52. Become a party planner.

    53. Sell fruits and vegetables.

    54. Sell office equipment.

    55. Sell small chops.

    56. Sell drinks.

    57. Give people driving lessons.

    58. Give people music lessons.

    59. Give people piano/ guitar lessons.

    60. Open a music and movie download shop.

    61. Open a game shop.

    62. Open a rug wash company.

    63. Open a laundry shop.

    64. Open a chair and canopy rental service.

    65. Sell diapers .

    66. Sell zobo drink.

    67. Sell boiled and raw eggs.

    68. Pure water/mineral business.

    69. Sell plantain chips.

    70. Selling of London used clothes.

    71. Selling skin care products.

    72. Selling hair products.

    73. Selling perfumes/body spray.

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