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Shwento Releases New Album, Full Band Biography, Members and Songs

In the depths of the lockdown, a group of creative friends sat under a tree in Mbarara city, in western Uganda. A vision of an african creative collective that would create melodies, march and movements was born among these youthful souls who hummed sweet melodies to mother earth thanking her of the gift of music, art and Life.

Shwento Banjo, Shwento Bowman and Shwento Simba, took the Journey from mbarara to come to the big city of Kampala to look for an opportunity for someone to hear what they had created when the whole world was taking a break. Their first Body of work SHWENTO 2020 was born at Masters Music Studios in Ntinda Kampala.

What is SHWENTO:

Shwento is creative minds collective that was started March 2020 at the beginning of COVID and the group comprises of Singers, Songwriters, DJs, Producers, instrumentalists and is headline by Banjo, Simba and Bowman (L-R)

Banjo, Real name Agaba Collins defines SHWENTO – The word “Shwento” is translated as Uncle in Runyakore, “Shwento” was built to embody what the role of Uncle is in society.

From the music, art, relationships and all creative messaging through the different art avenues. We are building a family. Shwento is bigger than just Shwento, we shall have Shwenkazi – Aunti and Shwenkuru – Grand Dad and any other derivatives.

Bowman, real names Aremwaki Gilbert also believes that Shwento is meant to create African art in a very urban and modern in a sense that it can be related to even from as far as Korea or Japan.

Simba, real names Simbaraishe Goodson from Zimbabwe believes in the power of brotherhood and bond that art with music as a foundation can create. Coming from a different country, he found comrades in Shwento and has felt at home in his art and his unique south African vibe.

The Album
SHWENTO 2020 Album was written, composed, recorded, mixed and Mastered at Masters
Studios and was released in December 2020 under Masters Records.

The 7 Track Album was a culmination of the Shwento Boys songwriting prowess under the guidance of Masters In-house Songwriting team lead by the Talented David Makueta with hit songs like Mestil and Anytime.

Masters Music Producers Lawraid Vybz and Skillz on the Beat were the Music masterminds
behind the sound of this Album, crafting chords and melodies for songs like “Evil”, “Nanaira”
and a Chef Barry Remix for “Move”.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
I am a Uganda born Writer , Entertainment news journalist , influencer , Marketer ,News editor and critic for the latest East African Entertainment news


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