SHOCKING: Bad Black Reveals how she has been Sleeping with her Uncle




Shanitah Namuyimba well known as Bad Black has given her followers, family and friends skull splitting news on how she has been sleeping with someone who is closely related to her by blood.

The Ganda traditions are clear that sleeping with someone with whom you are related by blood is taboo, and if committed can lead to bad omens.

Being a muganda, Bad Black found it shocking that her longtime bed companion, Asha Katende is related to her as an uncle. She found out while at NIRA offices to pick Asha’s national ID.

“Picking Asha national ID this is how we came to know nti asha yedira omuziro gumu ne maama wange so aberra kojja wange,” she explained, in a Snapchat post.

As though she believed NIRA had wrong records, Bad Black sought clarification from both their parents, who confirmed everything as true as the Bible.

“We contacted both our parents MB u kitufu, Kati kojja twezina long ago.”- Bad Black informed her followers.

Should Bad Black split up with Asha over blood ties, we shall keep you posted.



Asha’s National ID
Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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