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Sherry Finally Reveals The Truth Behind Her Bleaching

Former media personality and struggling singer Sherry Matovu has finally provided an answer as to why she bleached to alternate her skin tone.

The struggling singer explained that she bleached because she dearly loved her father’s brown skin complexion when she was growing up .

That her mother was dark- Skinned and whenever she compared the two,she found her dad more attractive than her mother.
Being dark-skinned herself, Matovu decided to bleach while in high school and even intensified the bleaching after completing her studies.

She remembers getting more compliments after bleaching something she says showed her that she was on the right path.

Sherry Matovu then started a beauty clinic that she decided to operate 24/7, ditching her job in media as it was not paying as handsomely as her own business.


While appearing on “SheTalkKuSanyuka“, Sherry Matovu openly stressed how she does not regret bleaching and that there is nothing beneficial she earned from being dark-skinned.

She went ahead to brag that whatever success she has accomplished in her life is a result of being a brown-skinned woman.

Sherry Matovu also noted that she doesn’t at any one moment admire turning dark-skinned again in her entire lifetime.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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