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Sheilah Gashumba Speaks out on using Toxic Substances

City Socialite and media personality Sheilah Gashumba has refuted claims of using toxic substances.

A few years ago Sheilah Gashumba ‘s friend accused her of using drugs during Snapchat fight .

Last night via her Snapchat disclosed that she often receive questions on whether she smokes weed from her Snapchat.

Over yesterday ,Sheila came and the cleared the about the issue as she revealed that she doesn’t do drugs .

Citing that she made promise to her father that she won’t do drugs because he was already concerned about her personality .

She ,however ,maintained that she does not judge the people who do weed because it is a free world.

“No I don’t smoke weed, cigarettes, and SHISHA but I don’t judge those who do!! It’s a free world!!” she posted on her Snapchat, responding to a follower who wanted to know if she smoked weed.

“It’s a promise to my father!! Nothing specific!! My father already thinks I’m crazy so no weed, cigarettes, and SHISHA plus any type of DRUGS is a promise to my parents!!”,she further explained

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KY Jamal
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