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Sheilah Gashumba Speaks Out About Her Father’s Leaked Audio

Socialite and media personality Sheilah Carol Gashumba has opened up about her Father’s leaked audio.

In a 10 minute audio, Frank Gashumba who is father of Sheilah Gashumba bitterly exposed her dark secrets as he accused her for disrespecting him and being indiscipline.

In the audio clip, Frank Gashumba is heard ranting to a lady identified as Diana about how he is disappointed with Sheila’s acts of sleeping outside yet she has a place at his house where she can sleep.

In the same audio, Gashumba could be heard narrating the hardships he has passed through while raising his daughter Sheilah Gahsumba.

He notes that he enrolled his daughter in expensive schools like Taibah, Galaxy, and Kabojja International School to have a bright future ahead.


Frank Gashumba emphasizes further that despite receiving criticism for his daughter’s conduct throughout his life, he developed a thick skin before deciding to stand up for her in public and offer her advice in private.

Gashumba recollects an incident during the COVID Pandemic, when his daughter Sheilah Gashumba held a party at the Pearl of Africa Hotel, only for a police officer to cause commotion at the party venue.

In the audio, Gashumba acknowledges that he made sure the police officer was let go from the force, although her daughter was completely unaware of the development.

He goes ahead to disclose that despite all of his efforts, his daughter has only paid him disrespect, hanging out with useless pals, dating gangsters like God’s plan, and having tattoos all over her body.

While responding to the audio through her socials, Sheila said that she doesn’t talk about her family or her relationships no matter the situation..

That she doesn’t need to explain herself to people because she knows what she is .

“One fact is I don’t talk about my family or my relationships no matter the situation. “,She wrote.

She added” I don’t need explain myself to people because I know who I am .This is the first and last comment i’m giving about this going audio going around . Goodnight perfect parents and children”.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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