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Sheilah Gashumba Blasts the Ministry of internal Affairs for Disrespecting Winnie Nwagi

Media personality Sheilah Gashumba has blasted the ministry of internal affairs for disrespecting swangz avenue artist Winnie Nwagi.

Over yesterday video was obtained showing singer Winnie being ejected from the ministry ‘s compound with a female security guard yelling at her pointing at the biker shorts she was wearing.

However, NBS TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba was not impressed by Ministry’s act on the singer, claiming that it was act of disrespect to her .

Sheilah said that even Winnie wasn’t wearing Skimpy as many claims, that it is tendency of security personnels at government offices to be rude, ruthless and angry to people who always go there for services.

Saying that if it was white lady who would have went to internal affairs the way Winnie Nwagi was dressed they would have not chased her .

She further said that everyone needs respects even if it wasn’t Winnie Nwagi.

It should be noted over yesterday ,Ministry’s spokesperson Simon Mundeyi confirmed that it is true they chased Winnie Nwagi from chasing their premises .

Claiming that they don’t allow indecency at the ministry.

“We do not allow indecency at the ministry,” Mundeyi said. “She came dressed in a very short bottom with a tattered blouse in total contravention of our dress policy.” he said.

Watch the Video Below:

We were not able to immediately get a comment from the singer.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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