Sheilah Gashumba Argues Ykee Benda to Take Legal Action Against Singer Dre Cali For Wasting His Money And Time




Media Personality Sheilah Gashumba has come out and argues Mpaka Records CEO Ykee Benda to take legal action against singer Dre Cali for wasting his money and time.

It  should be remembered that a fews weeks  back we reported how Ykee Benda and Dre Cali had a bitter split and relocates to Canada Permanently  for greener pastures.

His move to Canada was not legal since his contract with Mpaka records was not terminated ,it is still running  as label’s artist.

Sheila  over yesterday as media personality and Artist manager took her twitter and advised Ykee Benda to take Dre Cali for wasting his money and time he had invested in him to be become one of Uganda ‘s best raising stars in this era.

‘Ykee Benda needs to sue Dre Cali!!

How do you waste someone’s time and money like that.Matter of fact Dre cali is  Cancelled”,Sheilah tweeted.

However,few days Ykee released official statement about Dre’s relocation to Canada,and said that Dre cali and Mpaka are still in good terms and family  that soon they  will clarify if there is any new development  among the label and Dre Cail.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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