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Sheilah Gashumba Announces Future Plan to Take Rickman to Mars on His Next Birthday

Sheilah Gashumba who is not ready to back down just yet on her romance with boyfriend Rickman Manrick ,she has announced future plans to take him to Mars on his next birthday.

This was after fulfilling her promise to Rickman to watch his team Arsenal playing Manchester united live in London as his birthday gift.

Now since his birthday is done and she is yet ready to give up on her boyfriend  , Sheilah is already planning for her boyfriend‘s next birthday. Although this one looks far-fetched, she is asking if there are any trips to Mars. Apparently, she wants to see if she and her boyfriend can go.

“Any trips to Mars!! I wanna take my boyfriend on his birthday 25. 12 😂😂,” she tweeted.

Although she is enjoying life with Rickman and making all these expensive trips for him, her father Frank Gashumba has never accepted him.

This was revealed in the leaked audio where Frank said Rickman looks like LRA warlord, Joseph Kony. He, therefore, doesn’t want him with his daughter because that’s not how he groomed the daughter.

It should be noted that after the leaked audio, Sheilah Gashumba planned a whole paid trip to South Africa. This is despite her father warning her of unnecessary expenditure.

Rickman then left Sheilah in South Africa and went to go watch Arsenal playing against Manchester united.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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