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Sheikh Umar Vows to Discipline Tik Toker Dr . Cephoch


Nansana based traditional herbalist Sheik Umar Kamoga commonly known as ‘Omulombi w’edduwa has vowed to discipline Tik Toker Dr. Cephoch after accusing him of coming after his girlfriend Jowie.

Cephco said that his girlfriend used to receive seductive photos from Sheik Umar and that he promised to foot all bills for her birthday party and even promised gift her with monster ride.

After hearing Cephco allegations on him,Sheik Umar recorded video while threatening to put Cephoch behind bars and then he will understand never to play with him.

He further said that he’s not at the level of Full Figure who had imprisoned him before as threatened that Cephoch is in for a big shock.

He later instructed Cephoch to apologize to him before midday tomorrow and Failure to do so he gonna face it rough before branding him faded Tik Toker ,a big rat.

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