Home Entertainment “Sheebah’s Sexual Harassment Story is Fake”- Isma Olaxess

“Sheebah’s Sexual Harassment Story is Fake”- Isma Olaxess


Social media blogger and self-confessed regime apologist Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxess has come out claiming that singer Sheebah Karung’s sexual harassments story is fake.

Few weeks back, Sheebah came out in social media video and revealed that one of top dignitary sexually assaulted during show and it has caused a lot controversy and mixture of many questions and theories in public domain.

Among the individual who questions her allegations is Isma Olaxess who claims that her story was just drama.

While appearing on Spark TV ” Koona” show,Isma said that why he still questions sheebah’s story because she came out but pass out half baked information to the public,covering up for the person who harassed her which is deservice to women who go through the same.

Adding that her story is Fake and if it was true ,she wouldn’t have to cover up the suspect’s name because he could do it to another female musician.

That must mind how they dress and act in public because it instigates fans and they act strangely.

Isma Olaxess.

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