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Sheebah Karungi Reveals Qualities of Her Ideal Man

Former Team No Sleep Singer ,Sheebah Karungi has opened up about the credentials her ideal man should have .

Time and time again whenever sheebah is asked to give a comment about when her plans of getting married, she brags about how she is self-sustained and has visions bigger than getting hitched.

However ,in viral video making rounds while being interviewed by Kasuku ,Sheebah revealed the attributes she values in her would – be partner.

Sheebah said that any man who is having of hitting on her should be very intelligent and wise.

She stressed that the person looking forward to be dating her should be very creative and hungry for success..

She further explained that what looks for in a man is not his money but his intellect and cooperation in terms of development and handling different life situations as they may rise.

“To me, a man can’t throw me money and you can’t buy me. I already have that. I need a person who has what I need that I don’t have because as a human I have what I need.

I come from a broken home and maybe as a man, you could be having stability from your family that I need that since I grew up with a single mom.

Even if we have the same goals to achieve but a man is a mediocre, I can’t manage to be with him because I want to meet someone who is hungry for success and I always want more”,she stated

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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