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Sheebah Karungi Confirms She is Okay Following Sexual Assault Incident


Sheebah Karungi Confirms She is Okay Following Sexual Assault Incident
Singer Sheebah Karungi has come and assures her fans that is shouldn’t worry about her confirming that she is okay.

In her tweet ,Sheebah who is not bothered about Criticism from stake holders ever since speak out that she was sexually assaulted by a top official during a music show.

Despite many showing support, comfort and advocating for action to her assaulter, the ‘queen of the area’ has raised up to remind the world how she is a warrior and a strong hearted woman who represent the voiceless.

“Don’t worry so much my Sheebahholics, Am okay. Am a warrior!! I spoke for many and I was heard. The rest is background noise,” Sheebah partly tweeted to her fan base.

Though some who see themselves as beacons of decency still allude her skimpy dressing style while doing stage performances as the root cause of her current troubles, the ‘Ayi’ singer is assertive that what happened to her shouldn’t happen to any other woman in the world.

She has further hailed all Sheebaholics for the unconditional love during her depressive moment.

According to Sheebah, Its a matter of being brave and portraying the strength of a woman in such challenging moment and she is proud to have set a precedent that will forever be remembered in the history of the entire entertainment circle

Every strong woman was once a weak girl. They will get there. I will be STRONG & BRAVE for all of us. With God and you my lovers, Am Good. One day, Uganda will be grateful for woman like me. Now let me go back to my purposeful life. I love you guys, you are literally my family. Thank you for the unconditional love.”- Sheebah Karungi.

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