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Sheebah Karungi Admits that she does not know Rahma Pinky

Celebrated Ugandan Musician has admitted that she doesn’t know Team No Sleep (TNS) new recruit and singer Rahma Pinky according to her latest interview.

It should be remembered when Sheebah parted ways with TNS boss Jeff Kiwa, Jeff introduced Rahma Pinky reals names Rahma Nanyanzi as Sheebah’s replacement ,who many said that she was Sheebah’s copycat  on her first release ‘ Superstar’.

During her interview when she was asked to talk about Jeff Kiwa’s new recruit Pinky ,Sheebah responded by saying that she didn’t know that her former bosses at TNS signed a new kid that sings exactly like her.

Claiming that she is in her own world already adding on companies and too busy to know somethings going round.

“I didn’t know he signed a kid that sings like me. Honestly, I’m in my own world… already I’m adding on companies… I’m too busy. Some of the things I don’t know about them. They don’t waste my time. We have a lot of fans. The person he signed can get her fans and I also remain with mine,” she said.

She further disclosed that she doesn’t regret being under the management of Jeff Kiwa that her Journey with Jeff was good Journey.

“My Journey and that man ( Jeff Kiwa) was good, and it’s just that we refuse to acknowledge ,but everyone has so much they can do for you and it ends and you move on”,she said

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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