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Shakib Lutaaya Finally Breaks Silence on Why He ended His Relationship with Mimi

socialite Zari Hassan ‘s ‘ Ben 10’ boyfriend ,Shakib Cham Lutaaya has finally opened up to why he ended his relationship with ex- girlfriend Mimi , real name Nalule  Shakirah Sembatya.

At the end of last Year, Mimi paraded off a marriage certificate with Shakib saying that she is still his legal wife.,reports indicated that the two got married in June 2016 and that she  Successfully applied for his US visa on his behalf in May 2017.

Reports further alleged that Shakib ran away from their legally bonded marital home just to go away with Zari who is famous and richer.

This was after latter involving in disagreements ,which forced Mimi to request for divorce from Shakib which he allegedly turned down and moved on .

However ,during phone interview with one of local TV Station,Shakib disclosed that he knows the real Mimi and that that he dated her but they never got married .

Further added that after having finding that that they both come from same Clan he decided to end his relationship with her .

“I know Shakirah Nalule, and she was my girlfriend eight years ago but never got married,” he said.


“She even wanted me to go to America while I was in South Africa, but I refused after finding out that we are both from the same clan, “Ngonge” not only that she also has six children from different men,” Shakib added.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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