Shakib hints on Visiting Zari Hassan’s Father to Legalize their Relationship




Ugandan Socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan’s ‘ Ben 10’ boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya want to visit Zari Hassan’s Father to legalize their relationship.

Zari started a romantic relationship with Shakib Lutaaya after parting ways with GK Choppa.

Since she started dating Shakib Lutaaya, Zari has been the target of constant attacks on social media and many predicted that their relationship will end in tears.

But all this made their love stronger going by the latest information.

Basing on Tik Tok video making rounds, Zari openly revealed that Shakib wants to her father to ask for hand in Marriage.

“He told me yesterday that he wants to meet my father. He wants to ask for a hand in marriage. Those who were saying it will end in tears I told you go and ask for a refund from your witch doctors, witchcraft didn’t work,” Zari said.

In the same vide she confirmed that she is taken and for now she off the market.

“People ,the woman has been take off the market .The woman has been taken”, Zari Confirmed.

Zari & Shakib

She further went to sting all those who criticize their relationship by telling them that if they no longer have enough capital to use to borrow and get more witchcraft because the one they are using to bewitch their relationship is not working and that she is happy with her ‘ Ben 10’ boyfriend that she should go and get a refund from the doctors where they bought their witchcraft because her relationship with Shakib is thrilling.

We shall keep you updated here when the couple reveals the actual dates for their Nikkah

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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