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Ruth Akoragye Brands Ex- Lover Victor Kamenyo ‘ Little Baby ‘

Ruth Akoragye Angora ,the ex- girlfriend of local rapper Victor Kamenyo has come out and brand him as ‘ little baby’ . Regretting to why she dated him.

This was after Kamenyo released diss song in which he talks about their break up.

While appearing for her recent interview ,she said that Kamenyo by appearance is an old man but in actual sense is baby.

She further captioned him to put down his diss song within two days or else he will face it rough.

“Kamenyo is a little baby. Appearance-wise, he is an old man. But he is a baby… I have given him two days to remove the song, or he changes it and removes my name,” she said.

A few days ago, Ruth disclosed that they were on road to rekindle their relationship ,however according to Kamenyo recent interview he disclosed that he doesn’t considering getting back with Ruth ,saying that he moved on.

” I have moved on, the truth is she also no longer needs me.

He further disclosed that he doesn’t think they will ever get back together or it will never happen.

The duo parted ways a few months ago after dating for almost 2 years.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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