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Ronald Mayinja Explains Why He Rejoined NRM From NUP

Controversial Musician Ronald Mayinja has come to reveal to why he switched allegiance officially from NUP to NRM.Apparently Mayinja joined Team MK.

While appearing for an exclusive interview with Miles on Urban ,Miles tasked him to respond on Bobi Wine ‘s recent rants that be betrayed and he a sided with the dictator Museveni .

While responding to the question, Ronald Mayinja said that he parted ways with Bobi Wine and his party NUP because he did not share or agree with his political ideologies.

He further said that Bobi Wine betrayed him by selling his ticket for the 2021 generation elections to another person because for Ronald wasn’t ready to fund for Bobi Wine’s campaigns like it was agreed for each member who wanted to stand on NUP ticket .

“I wanted to stand as MP for the Gomba parliamentary seat in 2021, but he sold my ticket to someone,” Mayinja claimed while appearing on Ubarn TV this morning.

Prior to the 2021 general elections, reports emerged that Mayinja had received over Sh300 million in payment, along with a V8 Land Cruiser, to switch from the NUP to the NRM.

Mayinja, however, is adamant that his crossing was motivated by his rejection of Bobi Wine’s political ideologies. He urges Bobi Wine to respect his choices.

Mayinja, who is currently traveling with Team MK, defended his U-turns by asserting that in a democracy, everyone is free to support whoever they choose.

He further disclosed that he is not a politician but just a Ugandan who follows politics for the benefits his family and kids.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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