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Ronald Alimpa’s mother Reveals why she fell out with her Son

Singer Ronald Alimpa’s mother has opened upon her dying relationship with her bedridden son.

A few days ago, it was reported that bedridden singer Ronald Alimpa hurled insults at his mother which even promoted her to leave him at the hospital where he bedridden following an accident that Killed four of his colleagues.

According to Alimpa’s mother said that his son chased her away from hospital and even hurling insults on her   because she was making it hard for him to engaged in his bad habits ,like smoking weed.

She further said that her son even vowed never to give her money and that she know nothing about him because she was not present during his child.

“He told me my husband left me when I was 17, and I told him he left me, but I raised you… He told me to go and die, go and die because there is no way you can help yourself, who’ll give you soap again? I don’t beg… I ask… he doesn’t look for me, and I also won’t look for him.Doctors sympathised with me, but they had nothing to do. They told me to leave… We were all embarrassed. They should not say we abandoned him, he is the one who chased us away,” Alimpa’s mother said.

She disclosed that she want her son to fully recover so that he can grow up to regret embarrassing her.

He told me to go and die… Let me go and die as he told me… I told him, Ronald, I’m 43, and I told him, you’re 23, by the time you reach 43, you’ll have seen a lot about this world… And he told me, I’m a superstar, you can’t curse me… He’ll heal, and I pray that he heals and understand this world.”,she disclosed .

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KY Jamal
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