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Ronald Alimpa Vows to continue Smoking weed

Fast – rising singer Ronald Alimpa has vowed to continue Smoking weed.

The “Seen Don” singer has been responding to the recent criticism that the singer and his crew members’ drug use may have contributed to the accident ,which resulted in two fatalities and numerous serious injuries .

That he even sent his mother away from his because she was making it hard for him to engage in his bad habit like smoking weed .

While appearing for his recent interview with the press, Alimpa said that he is doesn’t regretting for using drugs because he was raised by streets without blanket so he had to smoke to warm himself .

He further admitted that he doesn’t regret turning to drug use before assuring his detractors that he will still have access to it while incarcerated at Luzira Prison.

Regarding the matter of insulting his mother, Alimpa insisted that because she was also ill, his mother had no important responsibilities at the hospital.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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