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Ronald Alimpa is bewitched -Mama Fiina

The leader of traditional healers Sophia Namutebi commonly known as Mama Fiina believes the singer Ronald Alimpa is bewitched.

In an interview with one of local TV interview ,Mama Fiina explained that the musician is under the influence of juju that he was bewitched by fellow artists according to his recent actions ..

She disclosed that musicians are good at using witchcraft ,that whenever they see someone progressing ,they will do everything possible to put that person down .

“As a traditional healer, there’s someone among the musicians trying to put Alimpa down. There’s no creature on this planet that matches musicians in terms of witch craft.”

Even those who have just started singing will be found at my place. So whenever they see someone progressing, they will do everything possible to put that person down.”she said.

She further revealed that she will only continue to extend her support to Alimpa only when he comes out and apologizes to his mother ..

“I will only help Alimpa if he does apologize to his mother and all the mothers in the country.” If he does the needful then i will continue with him.” Said Mama Fina in an interview .

According to Mama Fina, the singer who got an accident at the end of September is progressing well with treatment.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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