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Roden Y Kabako & Pallaso Reunite after Three Years of not Seeing Eye to Eye

Team No Sleep (TNS) singer Roden Y Kabako has burried the hatchet with his longtime nemesis Pallaso real names Pius Mayanja. He recently surprised him with an invitation card to his kwanjula ceremony that is set to happen next month.

Kabako and Pallaso have not seen eye to eye for over three years. Their differences were fueled by Pallaso’s insults to Manager Jeff Kiwa who is the CEO of TNS record label.

This did not go down well with artistes in TNS including Kabako who has since attacked him until recently.

On Wednesday this week, Kabako was seen at Pallaso’s home with his Kwanjula ceremony invitation card for Pallaso.

The two shared hugs for the first time in a period of three years. However, sources have it that Kabako was influenced by his girlfriend known as Jazira to reunite with his enemy and leave the past behind.

Roden Y Kabako - Girlfriend
Roden Y Kabako – Girlfriend

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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