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Robin Kisti Speaks on Dating Younger Men

Media personality Robinah Nambooze alias Robin Kisti has spoken on dating younger men.

While Speaking to The Truth Gossip ,the former STV presenter said that she is not searching for new lover as she is into empowering women towards becoming independent and standing on their own.

She went on to maintain that despite growing old ,she is not looking at depending on a man for a living and that she can survive on her own.

She further admitted that it is indeed true she loves younger men because she is an alpha female ,when she was questioned why she is so much into men younger than her.

“It’s not because I want to boss them around. Of course, I am an alpha female, it doesn’t matter if I run the relationship. It’s true I like younger men,” she noted before adding that she does not need any man above 40 years old.”,Kisti explained.

Robin Kisti announced the end of her romance with her fiancé Mark Asiimwe in October 22.

They introduced each other to their parents in November 2021 and they had planned to get married last year.

At the end of their relationship, Asiimwe said she had stopped listening to her though he claimed the age difference wasn’t an issue.

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