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“Robin Kisti is More Talented than Sheilah Gashumba, She Deserved the Job at NBS TV” – Vampino 


Eversince Sheilah Gashumba joined NBS TV, everyone has come out give their opinions about the news following the fact that she had sworn never to work for any Ugandan Television citing very little pay.

Fans and fellow celebrities have come out to criticize the socialite for eating her own words after agreeing to work for NBS TV, a Ugandan Fast growing Television station.Robin Kisti, a former NTV presenter who was also a candidate for the NBS After 5 show Co host has also been throwing jibes at Sheilah and the station explaining that the Job was not given to her because she has numbers on social media more than her.

They will choose numbers over talent, naye its all good. Talent tediba especially if you keep pushing. Back on the job hunt!

 “It’s not about the job, coz jobs are everywhere, but its how NBS did me dirty, you shouldn’t have invited me in the first place if you knew Sheilah already had the job, I am no hater, just dont make me look stupid!” Kisti reacts.

Ugandan dancehall musician Elvis Kirya alias Vampino has also come out and attacked Sheilah Gashumba saying that she is as talented as Robin Kisti but just because she has numbers, she had to get the Job.

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NBS Television temukisusa..me I will speak for the rest..Sheila gashumba has the numbers yes but to run the show apaana… Akaana mwakamila bwelele.. Shiella is good for seconds not meant for a full show…it takes alot and kisti already has all that..
Am just saying don’t refuse to play my music am just a fan.hahaha.”- 

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