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Ritah Dancehall Accuses Spice Diana’s Manager Roger of Threatening to end her Life

Renown dancer, Ritah Dancehall has claimed that Spice Diana’s Manager Roger Lubega threatens to end her life.

Ritah shared tik tik video saying that manager Roger wants kill her for criticizing his artists Spice Diana’s recent concluded concert at Lugogo cricket Oval.

In the video she wonders why she was picked out among the many people who pointed out faults about spice Diana’s concert despite having good production and good stage ambiance ,though Diana’s live performance was not on point.

She further disclosed that she was also set to perform at Diana’s extra concert in Jinja but Roger stopped her after learning about her comments.

That since then she has been receiving calls from Roger issuing threats ,but she maintains that she has no problem with Diana and her manager .

“In case I encounter any problems, suspect number one is Roger, the manager of Spice Diana. He threatened to kill me for giving my opinion on their show… it had good production, but the stage act was not interesting… They are attacking me for saying the show wasn’t interesting… He said he will kill me… Meanwhile, they even stopped me from performing at their show in Jinja… The Spice Dianas and the team were busy abusing me… if they have a problem with me, I apologise to them…” she said in the video.

She added : “But I can’t be at home when I’m worried that someone wants to kill me… Guys remember there was a saga of Spice Diana killing a person… I’m now living in fear… Is it an issue to criticise the show?… I’ve even filed a case at police because I can’t allow being threatened.”

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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