Rickman Disappointed in Government Over Banning Artistes From Performing in Schools




Rapper Rickman Manrick have showed his disappointment in the government over it’s decision of banning artistes from performing in schools.

Over yesterday Dr Egau Okou sent a letter to all private and government’ schools country wide banning all performances and concerts that involve secular music with immediate effect.

While reacting to Dr Jane Egau’s letter ,Rickman said that Ministry of Education and sports should penalise Immoral artistes rather than banning music performances in schools.

He said that there is a lot of artistes and entertainers that have been foul played by this ban since they are always decent in their performances in schools.

Rickman believes the music ban in schools is likely to cause a lot of challenges to schools such as robbing youth in schools the opportunity to relieve their stress, pleasure and anxiety, robbing students the chances to get instilled with motivational messages from performers as well as increase in indiscipline cases such as breakouts from schools by pupils so as to attend to shows of their favourite artistes.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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