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Rickman Claims He’s Not Ready to Marry Sheilah Gashumba

Early this week musician Derrick Ddungu alias Rickman Manrick shocked the nation when he said that he is not ready probably not willing to married to his fiance Sheilah Gashumba.

While being interviewed on Galaxy FM radio, Rickman adamantly revealed that there is no need for him to rush to get married to someone’s daughter or have kids because  he is not yet financially stable that he have seen many people who have rushed into marriages and sire kids have faced alot of challenges which he doesn’t want to face or even his kids to suffer .

He further disclosed him and Sheilah are still chasing their goals and ambitions that marriage is not their first priority for now .

“No.. I wouldn’t call it a mentality but I have traveled and I’m exposed to different cultures, and this rushing of, you know, getting married, and having kids when you are not ready; I’m not ready to marry someone’s daughter or have kids. I’ve been in Uganda… and I’ve seen what my family went through, and I wouldn’t want my child to be in that position, if I’m not ready, say financially… the things I want for my child, I’ve not gotten them yet,” Manrick said.

He added ” I would want my child maybe to be in the Arsenal [Football Club] academy. I don’t have that yet. I haven’t yet gotten to that level. And we are still working. So, we have goals and ambitions.”

Rickman and Gashumba, who is an events host and TV personality, made their romance public in 2021 after she God’s Plan and the two have been painting their overall social media

Then in July of this year rumours made rounds that they had split after Rickman shared a video getting cozy with another woman. Gashumba later came out to pour cold water on the allegations by saying that it was an old video from 2019.

Sheilah – Rickman Manrick

But she left fans wondering when she deleted Rickman’s photos from her Instagram.

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KY Jamal
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