Home Politics Richard Todwong Apologizes to Party Members over chaos During 2021 NRM primaries

Richard Todwong Apologizes to Party Members over chaos During 2021 NRM primaries


The NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong has apologized to Natioanl Resistances Party Members (NRM) over chaos during 2021party primaries.

Violence marred the 2021 NRM party primaries in several parts of the country leading to death whereas many others were left injured.

The blame was put on the party leadership for their anguishes saying it failed to organize proper primaries, with many citing allowing of all party members including those not in the register and lining up as some of the causes of the chaos.

The made the remarks while meeting with some of the disgruntled party members a group of the ruling party members who lost in the previous parliamentary elections under the Transformer Cadres Association Uganda led by Felix Adupa Ongwech who lost in the Kioga County MP election.

Speaking to the group, the party Secretary General apologized for the shortcomings during the primaries last year but also promised the party leadership has learnt useful lessons from the same incidents.

On behalf of the party secretariat, I request that you forgive us for that mess,Todwong told the group.
He admitted that the problems faced during the NRM primaries were self-inflicted when the party leadership allowed members who were not in the register to participate in the primaries.

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Last year, President Museveni who is also the part national chairman directed that all party supporters, irrespective of being in the register should participate in the election which Todwong said coupled with many other challenges led to the chaos that marred the NRM primaries.

We didnt have enough man power to supervise all the polling stations in view of all the other challenges. We had 5840 candidates for positions of LC5 chairmen and Members of Parliament. However, there were only 500 positions available. This meant we had between two to six candidates in contesting in every position and having candidates in positions which were not properly supervised with a register which was not clean, we were vulnerable to all these problems we faced,Todwong said.

Everybody in the villages participated in our election including the children in the stomach. We were therefore open to manipulation and abuse among other challenges. He added.

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He however noted that the when the new leadership at the NRM secretariat took power, they made efforts to rectify the issues, adding that they started by cleaning the party register.

We went through the old register, cleaned it up, found a number of duplicates and names that were not supposed to be in the register. Now we cleaning the register because in some cases we found someone had registered more than four times. We are waiting for the right time to take the register back to the village for members to crosscheck and add those not captured in the current register.

It should be noted that this is the NRM group which earlier this year suggested that the president of Uganda should be voted by parliament.

We have a proposal to amend electoral laws and other legislation to pave way for a hybrid parliamentary system where the head of government who also doubles as the head of state is elected by parliament and local government councils, the Transformer Cadres Association told journalists earlier this year.

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It is not only for our benefit but the benefit of many other Ugandans out there. There are many other patriotic Ugandans with capability of leading this country but have been locked out. This system will ensure the best person leads us. We are concerned of how things are done badly in this country. We want to see parliament begin electing the countrys president. We are not anyones project as you accuse us.

The group has since said they are soon taking their proposals to the Electoral Commission.
The proposals have since left many tongues wagging, especially about the intention of the group and the people behind the same.

However, NRM Secretary Richard Todwong said the proposals didnt augur well not only with the party leadership but also its supporters and according to him the move is not right and against the NRM principles.

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