Diana Nabtanzi to Sue Tycoon Lwasa for Tarnishing her Reputation




Masaka popular City Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel might face courts of law ,after number of Uganda Women rights associates coming out to advise BBSTV presenter Diana Nabatanzi to sue him for allegedly tarnishing her reputation .

Controversial Lwasa in a recent interview with a local television station ,Lwasa used the adult video that surfaced on internet and alleged that the woman in that video was Dianah Nabatanzi and that she easily gets lost in love that she forgets to close the doors and windows ,when she wants a man to chew her sumbie and that Diana always blacks out during the act.

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This sparked off many Uganda women rights associates ,among them is renown facebook blogger Sarajoy Bakanasna who has advised Tv presenter to boldly come and sue Lwasa so that he learn lesson and stop mentioning her name in his silly talks.

Nabatanzi - Hubby
Nabatanzi – Hubby

“Diana Nabatanzi, please get a good lawyer and sue Lwasa for defamation of character. If this man can’t grow some b**ls and move on, let the law stop him. This man has been with many women but no woman has slandered him at all. He abandoned his wife in Masaka but sh never said anything about it. Let him be stopped from ever mentioning your name anywhere. You didn’t take his kidneys or private parts…..” Sarajoy lamented .

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