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Reportedly Zari Hassan Chases New Boyfriend GK Choppa Out OF her House

Gk Choppa & Zari

Latest reports reaching our website alleging that socialite Zari Hassan has chased her new boyfriend GK Choppa out of her house in Gauteng Province – South Africa.

It is alleged that the reason to why Zari decided to do so that she want to have some space and time with her kids plus business.

Zari and Choppa publized their relationship last year which was branded with luxurious trips ,Shopping this was after rumor of her ex- baby daddy getting married to Zuchu.
Choppa started to staying at Zari’s home which she used to occupy with Diamond.

According to exposed Uganda website reported that, On learning that Zari and Choppa had started cohabiting, Diamond decided to spend some time with his two kids such that Zari and Choppa would get space to romp without fear or favor.

However, after enjoying a few rounds of romping for some months, it is said that they developed love problems especially after Diamond reportedly insisted that the two should either move out of the crib or Choppa should stop going to his place.

Moles reveal that Diamond reasoned that it was so unbecoming for Zari and Choppa to behave the way they were behaving in front of his kids and moreover inside their family home.

It is said therefore that Zari could have decided to ban Choppa from stepping at her crib as a result of too much pressure from Diamond.

We revealed on this website a few weeks ago how Zari and Choppa had developed love woes and parted ways.’

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As if to show that they were indeed living worlds apart, Zari, who had earlier on deleted all photos she had taken with Choppa from her social media platforms, traveled to Uganda alone, where she was spotted enjoying life with other dudes.

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