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Reportedly Singer Rabadaba Back with Ex- Lover Ferguson After Being Dumped By Maggie

Reports reaching our website alleges that the struggling dancehall singer Faisal Sseguya alias Rabadaba has finally run back to his ex- lover Sheila Ferguson after being dumped by Nnalongo Maggie Kiweesi.

A few days ago ,reports alleged how Rabadaba and Maggie Kiweesi’s relationship had hit a dead end over cheating accusations .

After legalizing their relationship Rabadaba decided to move and stay with Maggie in the UK.However Maggie disclosed that Rabadaba did not love her in the first place but only wanted to use her to achieve his achieve his own goals.

Now word in news corners is that Rabadaba has decided to rekindle his relationship with ex- baby mama Sheila Ferguson who also resides in UK .And it is alleged that Rabadaba have been seeing Ferguson privately ever since he landed in UK.

Rabadaba years back confirmed that he had parted ways with his baby mama Sheila with whom he share kid with over accusation of cheating and hooked up with Maggie in 202.

Although Maggie threatens to have Rabadaba deported ,the singer is confident that his ties with Sheila who has citizenship will save him .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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