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Reportedly Angella Katatumba in Bitter Fight with Nina Roz, Find Out Why?

It is reportedly there is bitter fight between producer Daddy Andre’s Ex-lover Angella Katatumba real names Angella Franklin Keihongani Katatumba and singer Nina Roz real names Nina Kankunda is yet taking another twist.

The “Tonelabila” hit maker has hit back at Daddy Andre’s wife singer Nina Roz that she should mind her business since she is now married in an interview. A month back, singer Angella Katatumba came out and revealed that she can’t do housework in interview with one of local media.

“My Dad taught me to work hard and hire people so you can’t find me in the kitchen or washing men’s clothes. Therefore this doesn’t make me a bad person but that’s how I was raised. I can’t go hustle and come back tired and then you expect me to do housework,” Angella Katatumba said.

However, this raised concern from social media in-laws and quickly criticized the “Tonelabila hit maker meanwhile, in an interview with Nina Roz, she lectured Katatumba on how to have a long lasting relationship and marriage.

Angella Katatumba
Angella Katatumba

“Well, I want to advise my fellow artist to always watch the words she speaks while she is up for interviews… Being a hardworking lady doesn’t remove the fact that we are women and therefore we should give our husbands maximum respect… Yes, I think Angella does all that in front of the cameras to simply show off but to me, I think it’s not ethical.” Nina Roz replied Angella Katatumba.

Well, with all that said, Angella  was not happy with Nina Roz Statements against her and she has today come out and issued a tough warning to fellow artist Nina Roz… She has told her to mind her business and stay away from her personal life.

“All that Nina Roz spoke about was total rubbish,” Angella Katatumba said.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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