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Raymond Bindeeba and Precious Remmie’s Relationship Ends in Tears

Reports on making rounds on social media indicate how Raymond Bindeeba has allegedly broken up with lover and media personality Rehema Nakitto alias precious Remmie .

The development comes just a year after the couple legalized their bonking sessions by holding a luxurious wedding.

The couple has been flaunting their affair and romance all over the media ever since they got engaged to each other. However ,Over the past few weeks the pair had been silent,, leaving netizens wondering whether they were still an item.

According to anonymous sources as well as public opinion, Bindeeba and Precious Remmie broke up shortly after their last trip in November. The sources allege that Remmie checked Bindeeba’s phone and found out he was in touch with his ex-girlfriend, Joan Komuyimbo aka Joy.

It is reported that immediately after returning back to the US, Bindeeba officially rekindled his relationship with the said Joy. It is also alleged that they are now living happily together in California.

This was about the same time that Precious Remmie stopped posting pictures with her bae, leaving netizens wondering about what had happened to the relationship. Currently, it is alleged that Joy is currently pregnant for Bindeeba and the entire United States of America is aware of it.

Netizens were also quick to point out that as Precious Remmie presents on TV, she no longer introduces herself as the only wife to Bindeeba as she used to say “Mukyala Bindeeba omu bwati” , which she no longer does and this confirms the rumors.

Remmie & Raymond.

If it has really ended in tears, we are sorry for Precious Remmie who showered Bindeeba with unconditional affection and love. We shall keep you posted as further happenings keep unfolding

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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