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Rahma Pinky Biography, Her Full Profile, Songs, Age, Real Name and Husband

Real Name, Nanyanzi Rahmah is a Ugandan female artist commonly known as Pinky and also currently signed under Team No Sleep.

Pinky is a Ugandan Female Versatile Rising Inspirational Artist from Team No Sleep (TNS) who was recently signed to replace Sheebah Karungi who quit the record label.

Pinky loves inspirational music using her powerful vocals, she is enthusiastic of changing communities in and around Uganda through composing music that touches and mends hearts of the hopeless, desperate and broken-hearted.

Pinky Age and Education:

Speaking out in an interview, Pinky revealed that she is 17 Years Old and is currently Studying at Kampala International University (K.I.U) after finishing her Senior 6 at London College Nansana.

Pinky Songs:

Apart from her latest and most famous song called Superstar Wankuba, Pinky also has a number of other songs she released before joining TNS.

These songs include;

  • Maanyi
  • Kyekyo
  • Tontankula
  • Omuzadde
  • Girl Child and many others

Police investigate Rahmah Pinky marriage – Kampala Sun

Rahma Pinky Husband / Boyfriend and Marriage:

At 17 years old, upcoming Singer Nanyanzi Rahmah narrated a touching story on how she was about to marry a 45 year old man for a USA green card.

Her own mother who agreed to this kind of deal, the girl tells us how the man at first pretended as only a sponsor who wanted to invest in young talent.

The man later proposed about taking the young singer to USA to pursue her career as a Lawyer, he suggested the best way was marriage in order to get a green card the mother agreed while the Father was 50/50 about the idea, the ceremony was conducted.

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