Home News “Put Aside your Individual Differences”, Kigongo Urges party Leaders in Kayunga.

“Put Aside your Individual Differences”, Kigongo Urges party Leaders in Kayunga.


Al-hajji Moses Kigongo, the NRM 1st national vice chairman, has urged the party leaders in Kayunga to put aside all their difference because the party is bigger than any individual.

“Uganda and NRM are bigger than personalities. Don’t think if you are not around, things in the party wont move. NRM is very strong that even if one person is not round, it wont stop us from operating,”Kigongo said.

Kigongo made these remarks while meeting NRM leaders from Ntenjeru South Constituency at Forest Complex hotel in Nazigo town council in Kayunga district.

Kigongo with other party officials like Sseninde told the leaders that engaging in bickering doesn’t helped the party but rather stagnate its support.

He noted that it is wrong for some leaders to think that everything must rotate around them by recruiting party supporters to help them fight personal wars.

“Why do you want to be fighting each other every time? You are leaders who should bring people together other than dividing them. Avoid divisions.”
The NRM first vice chairperson also warned the party leaders against politics of violence and abusing each other.

“I implore you to practice mature politics. Dont abuse anyone. Rally the public to support the NRM candidates. Let us protect the peace that NRM ushered by canvassing support for the party. Take part in government programs and your people”, he said.

Hajji Kigongo asked that each of the 200 leaders gets at least 10 supporters as the starting point to rally support for the party.
“Let us vote for NRM candidates so that Kayunga returns to our hands,” he urged.
The NRM director for Mobilisation, Rosemary Sseninde said the party leadership is in Kayunga to ensure victory for their candidate.

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“We are here working as a team to ensure we deliver victory. I ask you the leaders in Ntenjeru south that chance comes once. This is our time to ensure our own takes charge of the district. Let us rally behind Andrew Muwonge,” Sseninde said.

Early during the nomination day for NRM party candidate, Rosemary Sseninde the NRM director for mobilization and cadre development said that it’s now their chance to recapture Kayunga District which had slipped from its hands in the recent general election.

“This is an opportunity for the people of Kayunga to vote for a person from the party in power to ensure service delivery. This is an opportunity for a fresh beginning,”Sseninde said.

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