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“Prince Omar Has A Right to Reject Forced Relationship with Grace Khan”- Full Figure


Former Presidential Advisor on Youth affairs, Jeniffer Nakangubi aka Full Figure agrees with singer Prince Omar’s neglect of his fatherly responsibility to Grace Khan’s born baby.

Critics attacked Prince Omar for not being man enough to take up responsibility and care for the baby and her mother as sources alleging that the two have been dating for awhile.

However, while speaking about the matter during her recent interview with one of local TV channels,Full Figure warned people to stay out of other people’s love life.

That prince has a right to reject a forced relationship with Grace Khan even though he slept with her.

Omar stated that his biggest problem is that Khan never spoke directly to him but rather just went to the news and expose him.

In new leaked audio surfaced on social media ,Omar admitted chewing Grace Khan in one night stand that ended up impregnating her though he wasn’t ready to father her kid that he even advised her to abort the pregnancy.

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