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Prima Kardashi Spills Secrets of her Relationship with Ex- Lover Mr.Henrie

Mama Kizigo Ndagire alias Prima Kardashi has revealed her bedroom secrets with her ex-lover Mr.Henrie.

A few days days hit hard at Prima as he disclosed that bleached ladies are not sweet in bed.

In her recent interview while responding to Henrie’s braggs,Prima said that her former claims that brown ladies are not sweet yet his tongue was always around between her thighs chewing and enjoying.

“Those who say women who bleach Tebawooma , are the same people who are always mubisambi nga bavulubana” ,she said.

Prima and Mr. Henrie started dating in November 2020, a month after Geosteady told Mama Lusaniya that he wanted peace of mind.

All was going well until June this year when she flew to Dubai to attend MC Richie’s Summer Festival. She linked up with South African-based socialite, Medi Moore and had fun non-stop and it was alleged that it was man cause of Mr.Henrie and Prima breakup

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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